7. Enjoying Life!

Happiness research shows that people who live in the present moment are happier.

So many of my best childhood memories come from my grandma. She really had a handle on enjoying life and staying in the moment.

Now that I am grown, I wish my grandma was still around.  I would love to ask her how she managed to do it all and still take the time to truly slow down and enjoy life.  All I have left are my observations and, thankfully, some of her genes.



In this podcast episode, I will explore the many ways you can stay connected and in the moment in order to truly enjoy your life.  I will discuss-




Self expression

Taking a step back


As well as some actionable strategies to make the most of the time you have by Simplifying,  Delegating, Automating and Slowing down.

Your life is your story.  Write it well, and edit it often.


Join me next week for the final episode of the season, where we will explore ways that you can take care of YOURSELF.


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You can find this podcast episode in my Podcast page here

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