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I have a B.A.in Communications specializing in Theater, Television and Film.  As a student, I worked for the University Theater as the Public Relations Manager. I was responsible for writing press releases, setting up and assisting radio and television interviews and creating graphic designs for plays and presentations.

Upon receiving my college diploma, I worked in the communications field as a Television director, radio producer and TV spot editor.  I also taught various entertainment workshops in an international  leadership  course. I navigated the communications field for a little over ten years.

When my daughter was born, she suffered significant brain traumas and required a lot of care.  I felt compelled to intervene as much as I could and be a very active participant in her recovery and development.  As a result, I decided to change carreers and became Texas State Board Certified Bilingual, Special Education Educator.  

Katy is reaching milestones one at a time, and I have made sure to share her successes and struggles with all of the parents and students that I am blessed to work with.

But the adventure has only started…

I want to rip apart the world to find a solution for her.I know that it’s going to take work, hope and faith for her to get to the future. And that’s where I come in.​


Isaac Hays

What started it all...

An extremely small percentage of newborns carry the genetic condition called Phenylketonuria (PKU).  Typically, an average sized hospital will only see one PKU case every four years.  When it is not treated, 100% of the patients will incur brain damage.  When diagnosed early, the disease can be managed and treated with minimal complications. This is why newborn metabolic screenings has been mandatory since the 1960’s.  Katy, however, was missed in the process.  A life-saving metabolic screening was not performed.  She has PKU. This is her story.

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Wanna know more about PKU?

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I am on a mission to learn all that I can about neuroplasticity.  That is brain’s amazing capacity to rewire itself and make new connections to compensate for damaged ones.  


I believe people of all ages and stages can learn and achieve.  All forward motion counts.  


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