7. Enjoying Life!

Enjoy life. Stay in the moment. Get connected. Love the ones you have.

Episode 7 of Season 1 So many of my best childhood memories come from my grandma. She really had a handle on enjoying life and staying in the moment. Now that I am grown, I wish my grandma was still around.  I would love to ask her how she managed to do it all and …

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6. Learning and growing

Learn & Grow Parenting a special needs child can be overwhelming at times.  There is so much to learn and so much to do!  It’s hard to wrap your mind around what is most important where to begin (or continue) learning.  In this episode I want to share some useful tips on how to organize …

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5. You can

You can do hard things You can! One of the biggest influencers in your potential is your mindset.    You have to make up your mind and deicide that you can do hard things.  You can! I want to encourage you by sharing some of my personal victories and triumphs.  You can decide that you …

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4. Believe and hope

Believe your child can. Parenting a child with special needs can be discouraging t times. Today, I want to inspire you to keep believing. Decide to be resilient.  Don’t let setbacks knock you down. You have to activate your hope and faith for your child! I’m here to talk to you about ways that you …

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coming soon

Season one of The journey is underway! From special needs to extraordinary outcomes! This season will be a very intimate view of the personal stories and experiences that have led me to the conclusions that I am making today. I want to share stories, strategies, inspiration and hope to special needs parents and caregivers. Together, …

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