A second chance at speaking

A second chance at speech 90° (farenheit)  is hot! I had spent hours running around with the kids at Morgan’s Inspiration Island, a special needs themed waterpark.  Hot and exhausted,  I sat down to drink some water.  That’s when Landon (not his real name) walked up to me. I remembered him from two years back, …

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Teachable moments

Teachable Moments Last night was the fourth of July.  Not just any fourth of July, though.  It was the one in the year 2020.  Coronavirus has held the entire world hostage.  The city where I live is currently ordering a “stay at home” mandate. We Hays’ usually gather with lots of friends and family, set up …

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Best Teacher Ever

best. teacher. EVER. “Are there any questions?”   Mr. Osborne sat confidently on top of his desk, overlooking his new 5th grade class.  He was sporting a bushy mustache that connected to his sideburns. His bald head reflected the fluorescent lights.   I was confused.    Only a few months earlier, I was living in …

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